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Anjulie Was Here and Phoebe Babysat on #AskPhoebe

Posted on August 20th, 2012

We all had a case of the Monday’s but today’s NML definitely brightened up the day! Anjulie stopped by to premiere her new music video for “Headphones” which featured some amazing outfits and special effects. Before she threw to her video, Anjulie told us about touring with Hedley and gushed about how they are party animals…no surprise there! She opened for T-Pain last night and told us how she introduced herself to the rapper but it turned out it was someone else…how hilarious is that!? And get excited because Anjulie’s working on her new album and producer Benny Benassi will be helping out on some tracks.

A new #AskPhoebe aired today and you all got it trending across Canada in mere minutes! Good job everyone! Today on the show, Phoebe helped Catarina, a 21-year-old mom of 5-month-old Maison. Phoebe gave the new mommy a break and looked after Maison while she got some much deserved pampering.

Tomorrow on NML, Jewel Staite from The L.A. Complex is here and Lauren did an interview with American Idol, Phillip Phillips. Tune in at 6 ET.

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