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Are You Ready For Her Jelly? Beyonce to Pen Cookbook

Posted on July 28th, 2011

Anyone hungry? Mike here from the New.Music.Live. team, bringing you news that Beyoncé is going write her own cookbook for hungry bellies everywhere.

Even though the songstress says she’s a disaster in the kitchen and loves to order in, she’s been inspired by her mother who loves to cook “a traditional soul food spread of collard greens, cornbread, mac ’n’ cheese, and fried chicken” while they’re on tour, around the world.

Writing a cookbook is a great idea for Beyoncé , who’s in the middle of promoting and releasing singles from her new album, 4. She’s travelled the world and, after watching her twenty-minute documentary Year of 4, I’d say she’s pretty cultured and well-versed when it comes to many different kinds of foods and flavors. If a musician has the itch to write a book and they aren’t experienced in creative writing, a cook book is a great way to share something personal from their real life with their fans.

Fans might even feel some sort of interaction with their favourite artist by cooking recipes from the book and learning about the kinds of foods that they eat, connecting more personally with the artist aside from the music.

I’m looking forward to Beyonce’s cookbook and experimenting with a wide-variety of interesting foods and flavors, are you?

- Mike
New.Music.Live. Team