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#AskPhoebe Was Trending Across Canada!

Posted on August 13th, 2012

Today was another episode of #AskPhoebe where Phoebe lends a helping hand to a fan in need. This time around, Phoebe helped Brooke plan a date for her one year anniversary with her boyfriend Cody. The couple didn’t have time to celebrate because Brooke had a family emergency, so Phoebe came to the rescue to make this day perfect for the two. Phoebe and Brooke planned a romantic picnic by the water and the date couldn’t have gone better! All you fans loved #AskPhoebe so much that it was trending across Canada!

If you want advice or if you need a help on a special occasion, all you have to do is #AskPhoebe and you could be on NML!

We also aired an encore presentation of NML Presents: Katy Perry. Lauren’s exclusive interview with the pop queen covered everything from her family, to her struggles in the music business, to where her career is headed next. Tune in tomorrow at 6ET for the third part of this special. It’s also another episode of Style Me where we give a gal a makeover!

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