Weekdays @ 5pm ET - Online Pre-Show @ 4:35pm ET

Behind The Scenes of Our Behind The Scenes Show

Posted on February 24th, 2011

New.Music.Live. is constantly trying to expand and make the show experience better for you, our viewers. Enter the New.Music.Live. pre-show. Our awesome pre-show, hosted by Chris Rochon starts at 4:40 pm/ET on www.newmusiclive.ca for fifteen minutes before the live show starts.

Chris is also our audience warm-up dude and we have never met anyone with energy that rivals Phoebe. “On the pre-show my job entails obviously to warm up the audience get them pumped and dancing. The crowd changes every day with the types of people, but also the numbers of people in studio which has a huge affect,” Chris says. “Dancing, doing accents and making a complete fool of myself. The bigger the live audience the better the pre-show, but now that we are streaming online the viewing audience gets to be a part of it.”

What is awesome about the pre-show is that you dictate what our audience and hosts do. Chris says, “The audience can tweet in and request myself and other people in the audience that day to do funny things. So far we I have drawn a tattoo, tried a back flip and rapped. I know there is lots more to come. The main goal is to have fun and only fun. The more people get involved the more people have fun.” You can start sending us suggestions at any point in the day but during the live show is best. It is more spontaneous.

Also, something else cool we are trying out for the pre-show is wristband giveaways. Today on the show we are giving away wristbands for the show on March 3, with a special guest to be announced during New.Music.Live. Tune in every day you are feeling you need more of our vibe and to get a sneak peek into what goes on outside of 5 to 6 pm/ET at Much. Tweet us @nml with your outrageous suggestions. See you tonight!