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Chloe, Luke, and Alicia from Degrassi are coming to NML on December 14!

Posted on December 10th, 2012

Chloe Rose, Luke Bilyk, and Alicia Josipovic from Degrassi are coming to New.Music.Live. on Friday, December 14! All new episodes of Degrassi return on December 14 and the cast are here to kick it off. And Friday’s episode isn’t just any Degrassi episode…it’s the Las Vegas special where Drew and Bianca are planning to get married. Will they go through with it? Or will one of them back out last minute? Hopefully Luke and Alicia will give us a clue on what we can expect from the new episode when they stop by NML!

Update: Tickets are now sold out.

If you want to see Chloe, Luke, and Alicia live on NML, tickets are free. Check out all the deets on how to score some here.

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