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Death Cab For Cutie Change The Game

Posted on April 6th, 2011

Hey guys, I’m John Polquin, a guest blogger for New.Music.Live. today! Last night, Death Cab For Cutie made history by using the internet to Ustream “the first, live, scripted, one-take music video shoot. Ever”. Directed by the innovative Tim Nackashi (Maroon 5, White Lies, OK Go), the setup consisted of multiple cameras and live editing in a Los Angeles studio.

The visuals in “You Are A Tourist” play with colourful light effects, pulsing back-lit wardrobe pieces and ballet dancers that feel like they were plucked from an old Hollywood musical. I especially enjoyed the feather-headed girls moving like a kaleidoscope. Psychedelic, man.

Though we’ve seen Ustream used before by celebrities (Charlie Sheen’s many rants, Ashton Kutcher’s many rants, 50 Cent’s many rants, etc), it’s the first time I’ve seen a mainstream artist use the technology to create something this clever, polished and well, artsy.

As a music video director myself (Finger Eleven, Mother Mother, illScarlett) I know what a pain it can be to film a one-take video, so I have to applaud Nackashi and DCFC for pulling off the concept. The choreography between the band, the dancers, the many moving cameras and the live editors has to be planned to the millisecond to avoid disaster. Kudos to Atlantic Records for taking the risk. I expect we’ll be seeing more of these live video streams in the future.

- JP

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