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Deuce ‘n Dip and Bucc ‘n Flvr are finalists in NML Battlez: Electric Circus!

Posted on October 25th, 2012

The semi-finals of NML Battlez: Electric Circus went down today with Deuce ‘n Dip, Breakreation, and Bucc ‘n Flvr. The challenge was all about incorporating Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” moves in their dance and let me tell you, it was one of the best challenges yet. The judges were very impressed with Deuce ‘n Dip, but thought Breakreation didn’t use enough MJ moves. On the other hand, Bucc ‘n Flvr blew the judges away and proved to be number one in their eyes.

In the end, Lenny Len, Janet L. Castillo, and Benzo voted for Deuce ‘n Dip and Bucc ‘n Flvr as the winners! They’re moving on to compete at Electric Circus this Saturday at 10ET/7PT for a chance to win $5000.

Tune in next week on NML because we’re celebrate Halloween in style! 6 ET weekdays on MuchMusic.

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