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Dragonette Rocked the House on NML Today!

Posted on October 15th, 2012

Dragonette joined us on New.Music.Live. today. Scott talked to Martina, Dan, and Joel all about their album Bodyparts, which they said was partly inspired by singer/songwriter Phoebe Snow. When asked what it’s like for Joel to be in a band with a married couple, Martina replied that their band is like a family, so Joel isn’t ever a third wheel. The trio hit the stage after the interview and performed their hit songs, “Live in This City” and “Let It Go,” which got our entire audience bobbing their heads and dancing to the music! We loved having Dragonette here and can’t wait for them to come back again!

Tomorrow on NML, Marianas Trench and Down With Webster are here! It’s gonna be a big one, so tune in at 6 ET!