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Faber Drive were on the show today!

Posted on September 11th, 2012

Our fave British Columbians Faber Drive were on NML today! They sat down with Scott and talked all about their new album Lost in Paradise, which is out now, so if you don’t have it you should definitely go grab it. Faber, Krikit, JP, and Stricko also told us about their new music video for “Candy Store” which is all about beach vibes. And they even revealed that the one and only Phoebe Dykstra made a little cameo in it. Can’t wait to see that one. The boys hit the stage after and played “Candy Store” and now it’s forever stuck in my head!

Today was our new VJ Scott Willats’ 2nd day hosting New.Music.Live. and he was still in need of more Twitter followers. So to sweeten the deal a bit, Scott decided that he would reveal the host of We Day Vancouver if he got up to 2500 followers on Twitter. Right at the end of the show he reached his goal and Scott announced that Miley Cyrus is the host of We Day Vancouver. So of course we had to play her song “Party in the USA,” a favourite here at NML.

Tomorrow on the show, it’s Text or Next. The matchmaking begins at 6 ET on Much.

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Faber Drive - September 11, 2012

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