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Falling In Love With James Blake

Posted on January 28th, 2011

Hello music lovers. It is Jessica from the New.Music.Live. team I am so excited about what music 2011 is going to bring to the world one month in. I already talked about this awesome new band from Ohio, Cloud Nothings, on the New.Music.Live. blog and today I want to introduce you to another, James Blake.

This U.K.’er plays dreamy, electronic music with a voice that is unexpected from his youthful baby face. His voice is deep and echoey and goes so well with the lo-fi electro sound of the instruments. He was announced as the 2nd place winner for BBC’s Sound of 2011 right behind New.Music.Live. favourite Jessie J. NME called his new album, “stunning hybrid of sparse electronics that’s not afraid to let one note chime or thud alone.” I can’t wait to actually hear the album for myself. His self-titled debut EP is out on February 7 and what I’ve heard so far is really promising.

This video is a little old but I love his cover of Feist’s “A Limit To Your Love.” Another great place to start with them is with the song “The Wilhelm Scream.” I have personally contributed to about a thousand plays of this song online. You can listen to both below.


- Jessica
New.Music.Live. Team