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Fave Five Friday: Owls, Villains and Vin Diesel

Posted on February 15th, 2013

T.G.I.F.! But before we jet out of the office in favour of some rest and relaxation this weekend, let’s take a look at the five things we loved the most this week.

Fave gif:

An owl got stuck in a Florida woman’s car grill. For reals! The woman was driving 60 miles an hour and had to pull over because thought she hit a bird. Owl doesn’t look impressed.

Fave TV moment:

Reality TV’s latest villain finally got the boot on The Bachelor this week. Much to Tierra’s disbelief, looks like they CAN take her sparkle away.

Fave news story:

Man, Vin Diesel much really be bored after working on the 386936th installment of Fast and Furious. He’s trying to go from XXX to X-Factor by uploading a video of himself singing Rihanna’s latest hit, “Stay”.

Fave tweet:

Black Keys’ drummer Patrick Carney takes a jab at Justin Bieber who threatened him to shut up after Patrick dissed him for not getting any Grammy noms. Guys, next time you want to fight, can you take your shirts off and jump in a pool of jello, please?!

Fave video premiere:

We be on our suit and tie, suit and tie, suit and tie. OH!