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Get Ready For New.Music.Live.: Best Dance Crew

Posted on April 4th, 2011

If you’re anything like me you love to see people get down! Something about people speaking through movement moves me. Okay, that was a little corny but I can’t get enough of watching people dance. I’m not sure when this strange love affair started but I’m happy as hell that I’ll be getting my weekly fix. Starting this Thursday, New.Music.Live. will run our very first dance competition.

Once a week for the next nine weeks New.Music.Live.: Best Dance Crew will see two of the best dance crews go head to head for dance supremacy. Their survival is totally in your hands since you vote for the winner. When all is said and done, one of these crews is going home with a $10,000 grand prize courtesy of Kinect for X-Box 360 and the title of New.Music.Live.: Best Dance Crew. Stay tuned to see the pairings and learn more about the crews.

- Sandra
New.Music.Live. Team