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Get To Know Gary Goudini and Kiddbeatz, the Judges on NML Battlez: Beatboxers

Posted on July 6th, 2012

Yesterday on New.Music.Live., we had our very first NML Battlez: Beatboxers. We had two crews, Word of Mouf and Fresh Boys, battle it out over 3 beatboxing rounds. Even though the crowd and people at home were loving the crews, it was up to our judges Gary Goudini, Kiddbeatz, and our guest judge Scratch to decide the winners. They chose Fresh Boys as the winners and really made our first ever NML Battlez Beatboxers really special! Below, you can get to know Gary Goudini and Kiddbeatz a bit better.

Gary Goudini has been beatboxing since he was 12 years old (crazy!) and finds beatboxing is a great way to express himself and take on different sounds of different instruments. He may have lost his first beatbox competition but that made him that much stronger and now he runs Beatbox Canada! Check out the video below.

Sophia Kiddbeatz is a professional beatboxer and is the most viewed female beatboxer on YouTube! She discovered beatboxing on the Internet and started practicing everyday even though her parents and kids at school gave her a hard time about it. She beatboxes to inspire people and show them that they can make it through rough times in their life. Check out the video below.

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