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Happy Birthday Drake!

Posted on October 24th, 2011

Toronto’s very own Drizzy Drake turns 25 today. Drake was supposed to share his birthday with the world by dropping his highly anticipated sophomore album Take Care today but in true hip hop form, the album has been delayed. Take Care will now hit stores November 15 and as disappointed as we might be that we have to wait a few weeks for some new Drizzy, it’s hard to stay mad at someone who reps so hard for their city. In promotion of the album, Drake’s taken out a massive billboard in T.O, which looks like more of a commercial for Toronto than it does for a new album. I’m pretty obsessed with this billboard and I love the way Drizzy continues to show his allegiance to his hometown.

Drake’s gotten a lot of press in anticipation of Take Care and there have been some conflicting reports when it comes to his upcoming collaborations, his relationship with Lil Wayne and his album. So in honour of our favourite Torontonian’s birthday, here’s a little fact-filled Drizzy update.

Young Money Label Rumours
There were rumours going around that Drake was feuding with Lil Wayne and that he was unhappy at his label Young Money. Well, don’t worry, there is no beef between Drizzy and Weezy. Drake said not only is he really happy at Young Money, he promised he’s not going anywhere.

“Me and Wayne have a great relationship,” he told MTV recently. The friendship is alive and well. Drake also squashed any rumours that he’s resenting the fact that Lil Wayne is his boss. He said “That’s my boss. I’m his soldier. I’m cool with that. I’m good with that. That’s the role I want to play. He put me here.” See, Young Money is one big happy family.

That Collab With Florence Welch
Back when Florence Welch—from Florence + the Machine—joined Drake onstage in London for a rendition of Drizzy’s “Fireworks,” the duo said they were planning an official studio collaboration. Well, Welch has put those rumours to rest and said the duo have not done any recording together—yet. “I think we’re both big fans of each other’s work,” Welch said in a recent interview. “If we would have the time it is something I would definitely like to do, but we’re both really busy.” Get your schedules together kids, we’re all waiting patiently.

Take Care Details
Since a fake Take Care tracklist leaked months ago, the rumours as to which artists would be featured on the album were rampant. Well, here’s what we know for sure: the album features collabs with Lil Wayne, Justin Timberlake, The Weeknd, Rick Ross, Nas, J.Cole and Stevie Wonder. Most of the 18 tracks were produced by Drake’s producer/engineer/ BFF Noah “40″ Shebib. Even with the tracks that were produced by big names like Swizz Beatz and Timbaland, Drake demanded 40 have the final say on the beats and production so the whole album would have a common sound.

There you have it. I’m counting down the days until Take Care. Happy Birthday Drizzy.

- Kathleen
New.Music.Live. Team


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