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Jedward Were Here and It Was Most Definitely Jepic!

Posted on January 14th, 2013

Jedward were here at New.Music.Live., and it was one of the most fun shows we’ve ever had! John and Edward were fully of energy and were totally hilarious. We are officially Jedheads!

We surprised John and Edward by having their fans put on some Jedward hair, and then we surprised their fans with a teaser of their new video “Happens in the Dark.” We couldn’t keep up with half of the things Jedward were talking about. After a quick speed round of questions, we were able to learn that their last meal on earth would have to be sushi or grapes and they think that our female hosts, Lauren, Liz and Phoebe are “Jexy.” For a set of twins, it was their dream to play Twister with Jedward, and that is what they did. Thanks for stopping by boys!

Tomorrow on New.Music.Live. we’re taking your singing sibling requests. So that means anything from Jonas Brothers, Tegan and Sara or even Hilary and Haylie Duff. Tweet us your requests @NML and tell us who you dedicate the video to.

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