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Jewel Staite Dished on The L.A. Complex and We Pulled Some Makeover Magic!

Posted on August 21st, 2012

A new episode of The L.A. Complex airs tonight on MuchMusic at 9 ET and Jewel Staite who plays Raquel hung out with us today. She said tonight on the show we’ll get to see the first chunk of Raquel filming her new reality show. Raquel has been going down a spiral lately on the show, so we can expect some more drama tonight. Can’t wait!

Caroline was today’s Style Me makeover candidate. She was ready to throw away her ratty hoodies and jeans for an updated and fresh look before she heads to school in the fall. Stylist Elizabeth Victoria Clark put Caroline in a gorgeous dress with blue and red colour blocking, which gave her the colourful style she was looking for. Isabel from Fancy Face gave Caroline some long lashes to make her eyes pop and Shawna from Brennen Demelo Studio cut and curled her hair to give her that Taylor Swift look. Caroline looked amazing!

Tomorrow on New.Music.Live., it’s Text or Next, so tune in at 6 ET!

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