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Katy Perry Likes: Jessie Ware

Posted on February 4th, 2013

Have you ever wondered what your favourite pop stars are listening to? Well, wonder no more! Every Monday we scour the Internet until our eyes are sore and our fingers are numb to find out what your fave artists keep replaying on their iPods.

This week we discovered that Katy Perry likes Jessie Ware.

A few weeks ago, Katy Perry tweeted that she went to a Jessie Ware concert and apparently “it was wicked.” We’re not surprised because Jessie Ware really is fricken wicked. So what’s so wicked about her, you ask? Well, her sound has that modern soul and R&B vibe and her smooth, laid-back vocals make it easy to get wrapped up in. The singer-songwriter hails from London, England and she released her debut album, Devotion last year, which was nominated for a Mercury Prize. With the success of her first album, we’ll definitely be seeingĀ  Jessie Ware a lot in the coming years. No wonder Katy Perry is a fan! Check out Jessie Ware’s latest single “Sweet Talk,” which is accompanied by this adorable video, which you can watch below.

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