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Lauren Picks: Billy Talent “Surprise Surprise”

Posted on September 26th, 2012

My love of Canadian rock has been reignited! Last week my pick was Japandroids, a rock ‘n’ roll duo from Vancouver, and after hanging with Billy Talent yesterday on New.Music.Live, a tidal wave of pride has washed over me. If you’ve been fan of Billy Talent from the beginning, like me, then “Try Honesty” is a pretty important song to you. After delving deep into their new album, Dead Silence, I have to say I am pretty partial to the new single “Surprise Surprise”.

The sound, pace, and aggression is reminiscent of “Try Honesty,” but the subject matter is totally different and totally relevant to you and I. We live in a world that can sometimes overwhelm us with superficial worry – think, “first world problems.” This song is about that and inspires us to find a way out, think differently, and ultimately see through the bullshit. Billy Talent is the best at delivering strong messages without ever being preachy or too political. Take a listen!

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