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Lauren Picks: Curren$y ‘The Stoned Immaculate’

Posted on November 28th, 2012

I have this strange fantasy where I wish I was a rapper. I think that would be the coolest. Like a legit real rapper, not a poppy flash-in-the-pan wanky rapper. Like pure street. Word.

Anyway back to reality. I am in no way, no how, even cool or talented enough to be a rapper, but I’ve been listening to the new album from Curren$y non-stop. It’s called The Stoned Immaculate. It was a summer release, but I am only now diving into it, because I’ve been too obsessed with Kendrick Lamar to remember this one too. But who can keep up with Curren$y anyway? He releases full-length albums at a rate even Rihanna can’t catch up to. These days it’s hard to find a hip-hop album that holds you the whole way through, but The Stoned Immaculate is solid! It starts off slow, hazy and nostalgic, and then seamlessly moves into total club banger territory.

Start off with the single “Jet Life” featuring Big K.R.I.T. & Wiz Khalifa, and I guarantee you’ll be hooked. Check out the the rest of the album here.

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