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Lauren Picks: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis “Same Love”

Posted on November 14th, 2012

It’s Bullying Awareness Week and I think this new music video that I’m obsessed with tells a story we all need to pay attention to. Talk about bold. I don’t think anyone in music has tackled issues of homophobia this head on, ever. Macklemore, a Seattle-based hip-hop artist, is the man behind this amazing anthem “Same Love.” It’s nice to see a straight man in the genre stand up for the equality of other’s and combat stereotypes. If you’re curious for more context, I suggest you read Macklemore’s blog entry about the song.

This Bullying Awareness Week I would really like to see people take note of the things they say. Adopt some compassion for your fellow human beings. Remarks like “that’s gay” or “that guys a f-g” are still being used as commonplace expressions. These sayings really are extremely cruel and unnecessary. And yet, I hear the youth of today, who really should know better, continuing to use them.

Take a moment to listen and watch this beautiful story from Macklemore & Ryan Lewis and for more information about Bullying Awareness Week check out muchmusic.com/muchtalksbullying.

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