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LT, ToyToy, Toyotes

10 "Most Played" songs on your ipod:

Michael Jackson - PYT
Al Green - Love And Happiness
A Tribe Called Quest - The Chase Pt. II
Childish Gambino - My Shine
Phil Collins - Another Day In Paradise
Kanye West - Runaway
Drake - The Motto
Lupe Fiasco f. Trey Songz - Out Of My Head
Jay-Z - On To The Next One
City & Colour - Sleeping Sickness

Question you're asked all too often:

What are you?
Does your family own Toyota?

Something you do in your bedroom besides sleeping:

Sit wide awake, wishing I was sleeping

What you usually eat for lunch:

Homemade salad with any combination of the following: quinoa, avocado, kale, beets, carrots, apple, almonds, pumpkin seeds, tempeh, black beans, cucumber, tomato.

Fantasy vacation and what famous person would you bring with you:

A round the world airline ticket with... I have no idea? Michael C. Hall, Jeremy Piven, Will Smith... I want someone entertaining and smart to travel with.

What makes you laugh:

Animals, my friends, Family Guy, Conan O'Brien, Joel McHale

Put these (LOVE, MUSIC, SEX, FOOD, SLEEP, LAUGHTER) in order of importance to you:

Laughter, Food, Music, Sleep, Love, Sex

I can't go a day without...:

Caffeine... unfortunately I'm addicted and it's only a 1 coffee a day habit.

Most "famous" person in your cell:

Maestro Fresh Wes

What's your favourite movie and why:

This question is impossible to answer. But I like 28 Days Later… that was the start of super fast zombies!

What's on your PVR:

Oprah's 25th Season Behind the Scenes, The Soup, Lisa Ling's: Our America

How do you want the world to end:

Alien invasion

Person you wish you had the same hair as:

Kate Beckinsale

Closing words of wisdom:

Work hard, be kind and amazing things will happen – as stolen from Conan O'Brien

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