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Liz DIY: Winter Headband

Posted on November 21st, 2012

Liz is racking up quite a collection of impressive clothing items she made herself. From shoes to jackets she is almost styled head to toe. But not quite! This week, Liz ingeniously took an old winter hat and turned it into a cute and cozy winter headband. This may be her easiest and most creative DIY to date. Check out how to do it in the video and the steps below.

Supplies You Will Need:

old knit hat

sharp scissors

matching thread


Step 1: Cut The Headband

Cut a strip about 3 inches wide from the bottom of the hat. Make it as straight as you possibly can. The hat we used was great because it was striped so it provided a line to follow.

Step 2: Make The Bow

Cut a second strip from the bottom of the hat about half the width of the headband you just made. This strip is a little too long to make the bow. Cut through the strip and adjust it to the size you want the bow to be. (See the video below for reference) Then, cut one last strip out of the hat to wrap around the bow and give it the bow shape. Sew that strip in place nice and tight to make sure the inside of the bow doesn’t fall out.

Step 3: Attach The Bow

Take the finished bow and sew it onto the headband. You probably want to place it justified to one side of the headband, not in the middle. Start sewing from inside the headband and up into the bow and back down through the headband until it is secure.

You are done! Throw it on your head for a cute addition to your winter look.

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