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Liz Picks: Borgore f. Miley Cyrus “Decisions”

Posted on January 18th, 2013

Alright, I’m late on this train. The song came out in November 2012 but “Decisions” by Borgore featuring Miley Cyrus is totally my jam of the week. “I DIDN’T KNOW B*TCHES LOVE CAKE.” This song just adds to my Miley obsession!

My love for Miley only grows as she gets older. Not only is she hilarious with her attitude of “I don’t give a ____” but she’s also gained independence. She’s at the stage in her life where she’s finally free to do as she wishes and she’s doing just that. I’m anxiously awaiting her new album that’s set to be released later this year. I either want to hear a killer pop album with some grimey beats and grimey lyrics OR a country album. I don’t really like country but I would totally buy a country album from Miley!

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