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Liz Picks: Major Lazer & Kreayshawn

Posted on September 19th, 2012

Okay, here are two songs you MUST listen to this week:

Major Lazer feat. Amber (of Dirty Projectors) “Get Free”
This song is the first single off of Major Lazer’s upcoming LP, Free the Universe, which drops on November 6th. Just a reminder, Major Lazer is no longer the duo between Switch and Diplo. This will be Diplo’s first Major Lazer w/o Switch and needless to say, I am still pumped! The second that “Get Free” starts, it takes you to an island vacation feeling that chills you out and makes your body move slowly side to side. Amber of Dirty Projectors has an incredible voice and I couldn’t think of a more perfect voice for this track. The video shows you a day to night life view of Jamaica and is a great fit to song. I can’t stop this song from repeat on my iPod. <3 Major Lazer

Kreayshawn "The Ruler"
Kreayshawn’s debut album, Something ‘Bout Kreay, finally dropped yesterday and I am super pumped on the first two tracks I’ve heard thus far (“Go Hard” and “The Ruler”). Track number 12 on the album was produced by Boys Noize aka Alex Ridha and it has an infectious beat. I’ll admit, I was over Kreayshawn after “Gucci Gucci” but I’m the ass now and loving every second of her new stuff. Team Kreayshawn… Go on, let the hate begin! Haters gon hate! No but seriously, give it a shot.


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