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Liz DIY: Neon Necklace

Posted on October 3rd, 2012

I am really into fashion but sometimes it can get a little pricey. Sometimes I like to take style into my own hands and get crafty. This week I DIY’d my very own neon necklace. I just grabbed an old necklace I never wore and some nail polish, instead of buying a super expensive necklace at a shop. This necklace is perfect for sprucing up an outfit and making it pop! Check out how you can make a neon necklace below.


Neon nail polish


Nail polish remover

Big jewelled necklace

Step 1) Make a game plan…or not. Decide which colour goes where on the necklace or if you’re confident, you can just wing it.

Step 2) Start painting the nail polish on the jewels. If you make a mistake, just grab a Q-tip, put a little nail polish remover on the end and touch up your paint job.

Step 3) If your nail polish is too light you might need to add a second coat to the jewels.

Step 4) Wait about 30 minutes for the nail polish to dry and then you’re done!

It’s easy and works with any outfit!

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