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Mark Ruffalo and Cobie Smulders Were on NML Today!

Posted on April 30th, 2012

Mark Ruffalo and Cobie Smulders were on New.Music.Live today!

Lauren chatted with Bruce Banner/The Hulk and Agent Maria Hill all about the new Avengers movie and what it was like during the filming process. Mark and Cobie also revealed how intimidated they were when they met the one and only Samuel L. Jackson who plays Nick Fury in the film. Cobie, who’s from Vancouver, also told us how excited she was to be on NML because she used to be a huge fan of MuchMusic growing up. How cool is that!? Catch The Avengers in theatres this Friday, May 4!

In spirit of The Avengers, we also did a whole segment on cosplay (costume play) and we even had three hardcore comic book fans come on NML who were all dressed up in their superhero costumes.

We also premiered Liz’s interview with Ed Sheeran. They talked all about his music career while playing with Lego. If you missed it, keep an eye on the NML website to catch it online!

Tomorrow on NML, we’ll be airing My Date with T. Mills and a great interview Lauren did with The Civil Wars.

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