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New.Music.Live. Can’t Wait For Natalia Kills’ Perfectionist

Posted on August 15th, 2011

Hey guys, it’s Mike from the New.Music.Live. team and I can’t wait for Natalia Kills’ first album Perfectionist. The will come out in the United States and Canada and, I’ve gotta say, Natalia Kills will debut with force. We’ve already heard the a few songs from the album and the rest of it is well, perfection.

After the short intro “Perfection,” the album kicks off with what we’ve heard, “Wonderland” and “Free.” Natalia Kills doesn’t give us any time to breathe with the next hit, “Break You Hard.” Next, “Zombie,” which was released in 2009 as a promotional single for the album is sort-of reminiscent of Gaga’s “Teeth.”

At the beginning of the next track “Love is a Suicide,” I thought I heard Natalia crying. This is only five short seconds before a heavy dance beat kicks in and Kills is back without rest. With a dark synth, “Love is a Suicide” sizzles and hits you with a heavy bass from start to finish. After “Mirrors,” and cry for help “Not in Love,” Kills gives us “Acid Annie.” Anyone who knows me could vouch for me when I say the Gaga-resemblances on this track don’t upset me.

I could see “Superficial” as a single. There’s something addictive about one synth in the background that I quite can’t put my finger on. After she “spent all her money” in “Free,” she’s left with nothing in “Broke.” It is one of the only slow songs on the album and is produced by Fernando Garibay who is responsible for Gaga hits like “Dance in the Dark” and “Marry the Night.” The next song, “Heaven” is also slower and deals with the theme of death, (“I know heaven must be beautiful right now since it took you, babe.”)

The song next to last, “Nothing Lasts Forever,” carries the pessimist theme, if only by its name alone. It features vocals from its producer, Billy Craven, who also has several writing credits on Kanye’s 808s and Heartbreak.

Natalia Kills’ album lives up to the expectations she set by the singles. I appreciate the passion she shares for her love-hate relationship with money and the material. The theme is relevant and relatable. I also admired the direction in the choice of producers for the album. Garibay, Bhasker and Cherry Cherry Boom Boom are great choices, shared with label-mate Lady Gaga.

Can you wait for Natalia Kills’ Perfectionist, or have you heard it yet? If so, what do you think?

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- Mike
New.Music.Live. Team