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New.Music.Live.: Our Most Anticipated Concerts of 2011

Posted on December 31st, 2010

2010 was an interesting year for concerts. Sales were down, shows were cancelled but there still managed to be some memorable performances that stand out for the New.Music.Live. team. The year was good enough for live shows that we are all excited for what is coming up in 2011. Check out which shows our crew is looking forward to in the New Year.

Manny says:
I’m really excited about the Wavves/Best Coast concert this February at the Phoenix Concert Hall in Toronto. Listening to both of their albums puts me in a constant state of summer which will help for the deathly February cold. According to the lead singer of Best Coast Bethany’s Twitter she’ll be featured in an interview for Cat Fancy Magazine. Hopefully the issue will be out by then and I’ll get her to sign it. Kidding… maybe.

Kathleen says:
Yeah yeah, it’s Kathleen talking about Kanye again. I’ve pretty much spent the last half of this year blogging about my love for Yeezy so obviously, his impending My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy tour is the one I’m most excited for in 2011. Seriously though, if you’ve seen Ye’s epic, beautiful and brilliant short film Runaway and you’re not excited for the tour, there is something wrong with you. After his groundbreaking Glow in the Dark show in ’08, it’s safe to say Kanye will definitely blow our minds with this one.

Brian says:
I’m super pumped to finally see Robyn in concert next January. The Swedish dance pixie was supposed to play in Toronto last November, when she had to cancel the show at the last minute due to illness. Needless to say, I really was dancing on my own that night. See, Robyn is one of the last artists on my “Must See Perform Live” list, so to have it delayed, even if it was only by two-and-a-half months, really sucked. Especially because all my friends who have seen her swear that she puts on an amazing live show. So, hopefully when January 26 comes around, she’ll be in fine health and tip top shape to get my 2011 off to an energetic start.

Bonn says:
I am an Irish boy. I have Irish blood flowing through my veins. I like the band The Script. They are Irish. But my love for the band goes well beyond this connection via descent. When I first heard their sound I was intrigued by the lead singer’s vocals, and the catchy rhythms. After listening to their songs more and more I become savvy to the fact that they are BRILLIANT writers! I listened to “The Man Who Cannot Be Moved” about 30 times before I could fully understand the meaning and brilliance of the lyricism. Check out some of their videos online, especially the acoustic ‘sitting in the living room’ casually playing stuff, they will blow you away. I cannot wait to see them live in Toronto, hopefully share a pint or two. Or three…

Lauren says:
I’m one of the lucky people who scored tickets for Lauryn Hill’s … excuse me, Ms. Lauryn Hill’s “intimate” show in January in Toronto. This will likely be her last tour ever and I could NOT miss it. I’m a huge fan of her and all her glory and mystery, and of course of her debut solo album from ’98 The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. I missed every opportunity to see her in the past, and I can’t remember the last time I spent $70 on a concert ticket so this better be the highlight of 2011 for me! Ms. Lauryn Hill knows she can play this however she wants, and in true fashion she’s making us wait. The latest I heard was she didn’t go on until midnight for an 8 pm show! She said “Sorry if you had to wait a few minutes or a few hours, but I personally think I’m worth it.” I don’t like saying so, but yes… yes you are. I’ll stay up past my bed time for you Lauryn. Check out her grand entrance from the other night at the Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn, NY here.


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