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NML Battlez: Beatboxers – Meet Fresh Boys

Posted on August 3rd, 2012

Today on NML we have another infamous beatbox battlez. One of the competitors are the reigning champions of beat boxing, the FRESH BOYS, who are here to prove they’re still the best. BBK and CFRESH have been making beats together for 6 months, and last time they were on NML they took the crown. This time around, they are confident they will win again. They have been laughing at their competition, the Bounty Hunters, and think their name is silly. CFRESH  calls Young “old news” and believes that Mitch X is still a rookie. The FRESH BOYS are so confident that they even call themselves the Febreeze boys – because they are so fresh. Now that they are the champs, it’s crucial that they stay on top.