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NML Caught Degrassi Fever!!

Posted on July 16th, 2012

Today on New.Music.Live., we took the show to the MuchMusic parking lot to celebrate the season premiere of Degrassi! A ton of the Degrassi cast were hanging out with us all hour long and got the scoop on the new season. We found out that Melinda Shankar loves pickles and ice cream together, so we got a fan to eat some of that strange, but tasty treat. Aislinn Paul told us that on tonight’s episode, we find out if Eli (Munro Chambers) and Clare are getting back together and Luke Bilyk who plays Drew also said that on tonight’s premiere we will see how his love triangle with Katie (Chloe Rose) and Bianca (Alivia Josipovic) plays out.

We talked to two fans who shared their Degrassi stories. One girl told us that Degrassi helped her cope with her bi-polar disorder by relating to Munro Chambers’ character Eli who went through the same thing. Another guy told us that Lyle O’Donohoe’s character Tristan, who came out last season, helped him when he was coming out. We loved your Degrassi stories, thanks for sharing.

Tune in tonight at 10 ET for the premiere of Degrassi! Tomorrow on the show, we’ve got the cast of The L.A. Complex at 6 ET.

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