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NML Hooked Irina Up With Brendan on Text or Next!

Posted on August 1st, 2012

Today on New.Music.Live. we had our dating show Text or Next. We had the lovely and single Irina here to hook her up with one of three eligible bachelors. She was looking for a guy who’s mature, tall, and fit. Brock, Mark, and Brendan were the three guys hoping to win over Irina. They strutted their stuff on the runway and answered some questions from Irina and after that, Irina decided to eliminate Mark. It was down to Brock and Brendan…it was a tough decision but Irina said “next” to Brock and texted Brendan. They make such a cute couple! Next time on Text or Next, you’ll get to see where they went on their date and if they decided to “next” each other or “text” each other.

Tomorrow on NML it’s all about beatboxing! Tune in at 6 ET.