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Ohh Young Love…Today’s Text or Next on NML!

Posted on October 3rd, 2012

Today is October 3, 2012.

Ohh young love…Justin and Selena, Taylor and Conor…we all just want to be loved, right? Well, today on Text or Next we’re going to use our matchmaking skills and hook up our girl Sona. We have 3 eligible bachelors looking to find the right girl and we’re hoping one of them clicks with Sona. Things are gonna get sassy, so don’t miss Text or Next today! Tweet along with us with the hashtag #TextOrNext and your tweets will show up on TV!

Also on NML, we’ll gossiping all about the Nicki and Mariah fight on American Idol and are Rihanna and Chris Brown really back together? Catch all that and a bunch of videos by Chris Brown, One Direction, and No Doubt on New.Music.Live. at 6 ET.

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