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Phoebe and Jesse Hung Out at Warped Tour!

Posted on July 31st, 2012

Today on NML we had a very special episode all about Warped Tour. Jesse hung out at the festival with a bunch of bands and Phoebe brought along Karli to help her through her first experience at Warped.

Jesse caught up with T. Mills and found out he brings a few little toys on the road with him…one being a motorbike and the other being a watergun. So, the guys definitely had a little fun with those at the festival. Jesse also¬†chatted with Taking Back Sunday and New Found Glory.

For this edition of #AskPhoebe, Phoebe hung out with Karli all day at Warped Tour. They went in a circle pit, danced in the rain, and even crowd surfed! The girls also hung out in the merch tent with We Are The In Crowd (pictured above) and on the tour bus with All Time Low. Karli got to watch her favourite band All Time Low perform and they saw it in the V.I.P. section, which was right on the stage! It looked like Karli had an amazing first time experience at Warped Tour.

Tomorrow on NML, it’s Text or Next! Watch it at 6 ET along with the premiere of Justin Bieber’s new music video.