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Phoebe, Jesse, and Liz Had A Yard Sale For Charity

Posted on May 9th, 2012

Today on New.Music.Live, our VJs Phoebe, Jesse, and Liz had a yard sale to raise money for Environmental Defence. There was a bunch of really cool stuff like Phoebe’s Justin Bieber/One Direction shrine, Jesse’s Xbox, and Liz’s hot pink heels. A bunch of people came down to MuchMusic and we raised over 200 bucks! Thanks for all your support! Jesse raised the most money and Liz unfortunately raised the least, which meant she had lay in a kiddie pool full of cold water. But Jesse being the gentleman that he is, took the plunge and did it instead of Liz. Good on ya Jesse!

We also made our summer picks for concerts, music, fashion, and movies! Osheaga Music Festival, Justin Bieber, sheer fabrics, and Spider-Man were some of our top choices. And of course you can’t miss the MMVA’s on June 17, especially since we just announced today that LMFAO will be co-hosting and performing at the show!

Tomorrow on NML, it’s dance battle Thursday, so check out the show at 6PM ET.

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