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Phoebe Picks: Bring Me The Horizon “Shadow Moses”

Posted on January 25th, 2013

So, I do this thing where for months the only thing I will listen to is top 40 pop music, that is until a REALLY great song pops out at me. Today this happened! Let me introduce to you the brand new Bring Me The Horizon track, it’s also got a video so feast your ears AND EYES!

That track is SICK! Don’t hate me Bring Me The Horizon, but I hear a little tiny, microscopic bit of 30 Seconds To Mars sound in there!!

I am way beyond stoked to hear this track live! I can already feel the build up (around 1:30) where everyone will be going crazy, anxiously waiting to belt out the “f bomb” (1:37). BMTH’s new album, Sempiternal, is coming out April 30 and if the rest of the album is going to be anything as good as this song, sign me up!

P.S. – Today I learned a new word! Sempiternal – Eternity (or forever) is endless time.

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