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Phoebe Picks: Ellie Goulding “I Know You Care”

Posted on October 19th, 2012

Ellie Goulding is one of Liz Trinnear’s fave artists, she talks about her non-stop. When Ellie’s brand new album, Halcyon, came out earlier this month, Liz told me I had to listen to “I Know You Care.” Now, normally I don’t like listening to music like this because it tears my heart out of my chest and has me thinking less than positive, bubbly thoughts. I call this music “curl up in a ball and cry on the floor music” mainly because that’s how it makes me feel. BUT I can definitely appreciate such talent so I gave it a listen. Grab your box of tissues, your cutest teddy bear and take a listen.

Sobbing? What a powerful track, right? If you liked this song I recommend you also listen to “Explosions,” “Atlantis,” “In My City”… actually scratch that, just listen to the whole Halcyon album. A good cry every once and a while is healthy. Thanks Liz.

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