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Phoebe Took Stephanie To Get Her First Tattoo on #AskPhoebe!

Posted on July 9th, 2012

Today we introduced you to our new NML segment, #AskPhoebe, where Phoebe helps viewers through real-life experiences. Stephanie wrote to Phoebe about wanting to get her first tattoo and since Phoebe has a million tats, she thought it was perfect! Stephanie decided to get “Sweater Girl” tattoed on her back, which is an ode to her favourite band Hedley’s song “Sweater Song.” It’s also her dad’s favourite Hedley song, so it had even more meaning! Shout out to Corey from Good Point Tattoos for tatting up Stephanie!

Also on NML, we shared the news that Destiny’s Child are back to release a whole bunch of unreleased songs. So in celebration of this amazing news, we played “Bootylicious!”

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