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Princess of Our Playlist: Iggy Azalea

Posted on February 13th, 2013

Ahh, we’ve hit Wednesday a.k.a. hump day and what better way to get through the middle of the week than hearing a fresh new band with fresh new music? That’s right, nothing.

This week, the Princess of Our Playlist is Iggy Azalea.

No, this isn’t Liz Trinnear’s alter ego (although some would say they look identical). Iggy reigns from down under and began rapping at the tender age of 14. In the past two years she’s put out an EP and two mixtapes. Her most recent effort, TrapGold was produced by the very respectable Diplo. While Iggy looks sweet and innocent at first glance, you see a whole different, dirty side of this Aussie when you listen to her raunchy rap lyrics. If you were offended by Lil Kim’s music….

After trying to make a name for herself for so many years, Iggy has finally announced she’s signed to Def Jam/Mercury Records.  She also unveiled her new single, “Work”, off her upcoming album. In March, she will head out on Nas’ European tour with opening act Meek Mill. Iggy’s really gonna put our ears to work this year.

While we’re all waiting for the music video for “Work” to come out, let’s all marvel at this latest gem, featuring T.I. Iggy Azalea’s EPs are available for download on her website.

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