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Remembering Haiti A Year Later

Posted on January 12th, 2011

Good afternoon everyone. It is Jessica from the New.Music.Live. team. I started working at MuchMusic four days after the first earthquake hit Haiti right in the middle of preparations for the Much Talks: Haiti special. My first tasks were to track down relief workers in the area to speak on air and local youth who can talk about what it is like as a young person reeling from the disaster. It was heartbreaking and really tested my emotions and detective skills. I think we did a good job translating the real horror of the tragedy to young people in Canada.

Today marks the one year anniversary of the initial earthquake that hit Haiti killing thousands of peoples and demolishing the country. The problem is that if you look at pictures and hear stories coming from Haiti even today, they sound as fresh and as shocking as the stories we first heard on January 12, 2010. Around one million people are homeless or stranded in tent camps, jobs are limited and sexual violence is on the rise. It is easy to be since ambivalent since we have all lived through a summer, a birthday, a new school year and a holiday season since January 2010 but to put it casually, things still really suck.

A great way you can help is through the ever popular school fundraiser. It is easy to take a portion of your dance ticket profits or the hockey game entrance fee to go towards helping out. Some great organizations you can donate to are Partners in Health, a medical organization that has been in Haiti since 1987 or Kanpe the organization co-founded and supported by my favourite band Arcade Fire. They met dollar for dollar $1 million of donations made by their fans. Or you can do your own research and pick an organization that fits the goals that you have for helping the country. There are a ton of groups that specifically help kids, or provide shelter or food. But first read, read, read. Find out what is going on on the ground in Haiti. You’ll know the work will be worth the effort.

- Jessica
New.Music.Live. Team


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