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Rolling Stone Roughs Up Justin Bieber

Posted on February 16th, 2011

Hey everyone, it is April from the New.Music.Live. team!

“What a dreamboat.”

These are words that I usually associate with the likes of my future husbands: Robert Pattinson, Dave Franco or the ever-so-popular Brad Pitt (circa his Fight Club days, of course). Never in one million years did I think Justin Bieber would be added to this list, but the day has finally come.

Today the Biebs’ new cover for Rolling Stone was released on the magazine’s website. Shot by Terry Richardson, Justin is photographed in a white-under shirt, black leather jacket, silver chain and sporting some tousled locks, a far cry from his signature hair-do. I must say, he is looking pretty rock n’roll.

The accompanying interview – taken while cruising around Atlanta in his new Range Rover – discusses music, his rumoured love interest Selena Gomez, his Canadian roots and … sex.

Guess our little JB is growin’ up.

Check out a behind the scene’s video here!

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