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Scott Picks: Charli XCX, Claptone & Ricky Hill

Posted on February 14th, 2013

What up homies? As you may or may not have noticed I was gone last week. While on my break I was able to really focus on what I think I do best and that’s find new music. Last week I found a ton. I’ve been so excited to get back on the blog and share this music with you to the point where I couldn’t decide what songs to show you now or wait until next week.

Light-bulb on! Then it hit me, every week on my blog instead of focusing on one why not give you my 3 favourite songs of the week. There is so much good music out there it would be far to hard to just single out one track. So make sure you bookmark our site and check back every Thursday to hear 3 songs that will be at the top of your iPod.

Charli XCX “You (Ha Ha Ha) (Goldroom remix)”
This is a problem. While listening to a Pete Tong mix on my way to San Fran last week I came across this little gem. Charli XCX’s voice and lyrics are top notch while Goldroom’s production value is well, Goldroom status. Enjizzzzzzoy

Claptone “Wrong”
Does it sound a tad familiar? C’mon I know you got it in you. Whether or not it’s the actual sample (quite sure it’s not) this track sounds like a 2013 version of “Still D.R.E.” Claptone is the shit right now, dropping the 2 EP is usually something I hate but when the tracks (other track “No Eyes”) are of this quality it’s a treat that leaves you begging for more! ‘Cause we all know Detox isn’t coming anytime soon.

Ricky Hill “Nomads”
Can’t all be EDM, all the time, right? Fair enough. I have the latest from Ricky Hill (son of Tommy Hilfiger). Ricky dropped his mixtape last week and this was what I believe to be the prize of the picks. With a little help from Canada’s The Weeknd, this track goes in and Ricky’s singing skills are made for this beat.

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