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Scott Picks: ZHU “52 to ZHU”

Posted on October 3rd, 2012

For me, the only thing better than finding a new artist is watching an artist develop their style directly in front of your eyes. Watching them create an image and run with it. Sure it’s good to see an artist break into pop culture with a huge label backing them, but when you see an indie artist really start to establish them, knowing that you were there from the start to support them, that makes viewing their success that much better.

Enter Zhu, a young DJ/producer form California. Zhu has challenged himself to break free of the typical North American DJ. Sure the kid has skills in the studio and behind the Pioneers, but the fact that he has put pressure on himself to be better than your typical “hands in the air, 4×4 128 BPM DJ” is as refreshing as it is exciting.

For the past year Zhu has been releasing a track per week. Sound gimmicky? Not in the least bit. Once you take a listen to these tracks you’ll see why he placed this burden upon his shoulders. Each track takes you into his mood of the week. Ever have a bad week? Well Zhu doesn’t give you a bad song he rather gives you track to rage out to during that week. He takes songs that might be “in play” on the radio and gives it that electro house twist it so desperately needs.

Try him out and support the kid, because when he’s a household name next year, you’ll have the bragging rights.

Grab all of the songs here.



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