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Snoop Dogg Is “Winning”

Posted on May 11th, 2011

Check it! It’s Lauren from the New.Music.Live team. Remember a while ago when Charlie Sheen was making headlines, and then you heard that he was collaborating with Snoop Dogg on some songs, and you thought it was a joke? Well my friends, it’s no joke. It is a reality. The track has surfaced and it’s called, what else, “Winning”. Listen to it right here.

I don’t know what you hear, but I definitely don’t think I hear Sheen on this song? Is the only Sheen contribution the fact that the song is named after his catchphrase, and it’s repeated incessantly?! Well, anyway, that sultry woman you hear in the intro is actress Carmen Electra, famed for err… her stripper exercise videos? Oh no, famous for her role in the television series Baywatch! Did she and Charlie date? I should probably just check, but who cares. Apparently “Winning” also features Filter guitarist Rob Patterson. What is Filter doing these days?

Anyway… moving on, Snoop Dogg is invicible! He’s like hip hop’s lone superhero. No one else could have done a song with Charlie Sheen and have it not be a low point. The D-O-double-G can’t have a low point, no matter WHAT he lends his name to. Clearly. The rhymes are still clever, quick, and witty, and delivered with the same panache he’d have on a track with say, Pharrell, or some other credible song mate. Snoop is still Winning! But I think we’re all a bit over this Sheen, winning, tiger blood business aren’t we? Which makes Charlie Sheen just a little late to his own party.

- Lauren


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