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Sup August 24th?

Posted on August 24th, 2012

The greatest romance ever is over. John Mayer has dumped Katy Perry after a magical three weeks of dating. Heartbreak, I know. According to a source, “They were honestly having fun. People made it out to be far more than it was.” So tragic. They could have been so happy.

Miley Cyrus has now officially been sworn in as a punk. Unfortunately, the photographer caught her just after she removed her Discharge tee (from Old Navy, only $10!) and distressed, torn jean jacket featuring a hand sewn (she’s crafty!) Exploited patch.

Lupe Fiasco announces the titles of his next two albums. But like a tree falling in the forest, nobody cares.

Since we live in a such a precious world, we try not to be judgmental. But if you have frosted tips, maybe it’s time to change your look. Or at least see how 1998 you look through this pictoral history of the frosted tip. And yes, we realize Chad Kroeger still has them in 2012. Chad, we’re actually talking to you, buddy.

Because anyone can be bitten by a cobra at any time, here’s some advice: bite back over and over again, until the snake is dead. Not only will it stop the poison from killing you (not actually true), but you will be hailed as that guy who bit a cobra to death and become a local, maybe even international hero (actually true).

If you’re ever worried that YouTube and all of its parodies, remixes and recuts are ruining your childhood, then you should take a look at this hypothetical recreation of DMX guesting on the theme to Reading Rainbow. It will restore your faith in those people who have nothing better to do than spend an entire month of their life putting these things together.


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