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Sup August 27th?

Posted on August 27th, 2012

Snooki gave birth to a baby boy. She named it Lucifer. Wait, I mean Lorenzo.

Lady Gaga records music naked. Not only do I now cover my ears, I also cover my eyes.

Because breaking into LL Cool J’s house isn’t good for your health, if you’re a burglar you might want to try Drake’s place. He won’t break your jaw and he might even make you a cup of tea right before you tie him up. Plus, he has all of those beautiful sweaters. Who wouldn’t want those?

Usher has won primary physical custody of his two sons. He is planning to retire and become a full-time dad. Kidding. But really, isn’t that what the responsible dad would do? That’s what R. Kelly would have done… had he wanted primary custody of his children. But he didn’t.

Just when you thought Willow Smith was gone and forgotten, her brother now has a music career. We can only hope it lasts as long as hers…

When your newspaper, magazine or iPhone isn’t enough to amuse you on the toilet, you could always just buy a motorcycle to sit on.

Finally, happy birthday goes out to Aaron Paul, the bestest actor on television. Here are 35 reasons to love him. And one to question that love, in the form of an Everlast video. Yeah, really.

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