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Sup February 14th?

Posted on February 14th, 2013

Happy Valentine’s Day! Play this song over and over until you’re arrested.

One Direction made a V-Day playlist for Spotify that includes Taylor Swift. The cheek of it! But none of us can hear it because Spotify doesn’t like Canadians. Yet.

Lady Gaga is not as hip as you think. Hi-ohhhhhhhhhh! Anyway, she’s canceling every show on her tour because she needs hip surgery. Which is probably going to be very painful. Get well soon!

Fall Out Boy have moved up the release date of their album because things are “so crazy” for them right now. For their sake, let’s hope the craziness lasts longer for them than it did for Blink-182 and Green Day.

Oh snap! Katy Perry didn’t want to sit with Rihanna at Grammys because of C-Breezy!!! I’ll take a friendship on the rocks, please.

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