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Sup February 20th?

Posted on February 20th, 2013

Muse’s BRIT Awards opening performance is so dangerous that they’ve had to cut down on the pyro. Now only the people in the very front row will have a chance of getting injured.

Adele could make fart noises in the microphone for 30 minutes at the BRITs tonight and the producers wouldn’t stop her.

Frank Ocean is working on his next album. It will sound like a mash-up of that scrappy ginger-haired singer-songwriter, Aussie psychedelia and that British cartoon super-hero from the ’80s.

Cody Simpson has a fancy new haircut!

Is Colin Farrell is going to portray Skrillex in the dubstep star’s biopic? That’s what I take from his new haircut. Which isn’t as cool as Cody’s new do.

Happy birthday to Kurt Cobain (RIP) and Rihanna. The only way to celebrate this monumental day is to wear this shirt, laugh at this poorly-done mash-up and watch the video for The Cramps’ “Bikini Girls With Machine Guns.” Since it’s also Poison Ivy’s birthday.

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