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Sup February 4th?

Posted on February 4th, 2013

So… Beyonce performed at the Super Bowl last night. Destiny’s Child was also there… just barely.

What has Psy been up to since “Gangnam Style”? He now dances with giant pistachios to… “Gangnam Style”. I actually predicted this would happen.


Fall Out Boy is back in business. They even have a new single with 2 Chainz. Make of that what you will…

Frank Ocean says he would have killed Chris Brown if he were still a child (awww), but now that he’s a man, he’s decided that he won’t even press charges.

If these details are true, Frank Ocean is a saint and Chris Brown is Chris Brown. Of course this has to be true…

Harry Styles celebrated his birthday with a stripper. Say it ain’t so, bro!

And happy birthday Killa Cam!

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