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Sup February 7th?

Posted on February 7th, 2013

Justin Timberlake unveiled his album cover. Are we to believe dude’s dentist optometrist has a black tie-only dress code?

Chris Brown took Rihanna on a hot date: to court, where he faced allegations that he lied about his community service, which, of course, was punishment for his severe beating of Rihanna. How romantic…?

One Direction fans that illegally download the group’s charity single are going to hell. According to One Direction fans.

So, there are tips for how to avoid being sextorted by fake Justin Bieber. Follow them closely.

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles don’t have a sex tape. Instead they have a Facebook scam. Oops!

Happy birthday to the late, great, sorely missed J Dilla. I only wish you could’ve tried The Priestley.

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