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Sup January 29th?

Posted on January 29th, 2013

Quick, damage control! Justin Bieber grabbed a fan’s breast during a photo op. Say what? Yep, it’s true.

So, Frank Ocean is “desirous of prosecution,” but Chris Brown wants to tell the cops he didn’t do anything. Bad news for Frank: There is a security video and Breezy isn’t throwing down in it.

However, there is a witness who says Brown threw the first punch. Probably because like all of us, they too wanna see him go down for this.

If you weren’t big on MGMT’s psych direction of their last album, you probably won’t be big on their next one, which is gonna be all IDM and EDM.

Rihanna wants us all to go to Barbados.

If you remember the Powerpuff Girls, then you should be excited to know that they are back from the dead. (No, not as zombies.)

Happy birthday Adam Lambert!

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